Best Technology Launches Rockford, IL Plant using Virtual Networking


There were many decisions to make when a medium-sized screw machine manufacturing firm in Elyria, Ohio, who manufacturers steel parts for companies around the globe, decided to expand its operations. Where would a new plant be located? How many machines would it need to house? How many employees would it have, and on how many [...]

How to manage 10,000 network devices


Ten years ago, I was an I.T. director at a large construction contractor–the fifth largest heavy highway firm in the nation, actually.  Back then, I had a staff that consisted of three hands-on employees, and our department was tasked with managing and maintaining approximately 180 devices on the network, from printers to workstations to IP [...]

The Importance of Consulting in I.T.


If you’re a business owner or executive,  ask your I.T. systems manager why they deal with a consulting firm.  You’re likely to get answers like: “I need a second set of eyes on my environment.” “They see things I miss.” “My boss makes me.” “They can solve problems faster/better than my in-house I.T. employees.” These [...]

Revolutionary Business Impact


When Best Technology introduced our centralized solution for monitoring our customers’ networks and server equipment back in early 2010, we decided on a name, “Managed Technology Plan”, and signed up our first customer for the service.  We knew Managed Technology Plan was going to be transformational, but we were surprised at just how much it [...]

Best Technology Partners with HP

Best Technology has been awarded the status of HP partner, allowing us to sell and support HP’s line of servers, storage systems, PCs and laptops, printers, and portable devices.  Beginning in January of 2011, Best Technology clients will have the choice of two manufacturer-authorized computing product lines: Dell and HP, both considered global quality leaders. [...]

How Mobile Email Helps Me Serve My Clients (and can help you, too!)

Mobile Email

I have been an IT professional for about a decade and have used mobile email for almost as long.  Put simply, mobile email has allowed me to be more efficient in my work and more responsive to my clients’ needs.  This has never been more true as we enter a new decade.  While setting up [...]

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