The Helpdesk Your Business Can Rely On

Every business uses computers, mobile devices, smart phones, and communications tools–and every business employs users who need help with those tech tools.  Sometimes they need help with Microsoft Office, while other times they need help with printing and email.

Best Technology offers full-service, cradle-to-grave help desk services at our service center in Elyria, Ohio’s Great Lakes Technology Park.  Whether you have five computer users, or three hundred employees in ten states, Best Technology has the right help desk solution for you. With consultants and technicians available to reach Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, and beyond, our help desk matches your organization’s foot print.

Our help desk services are:

  • Flexible and Informative: Work with our team to build the right help desk protocol for your user group.  We will build a simple escalation and reporting plan for your business, so that you can find out what your technology users are doing, how they are using their tech tools, and how their skills are growing and changing.
  • Compatible: Our help desk services are just as valuable to companies who have an I.T. department as they are to those who don’t.  Most in-house help desk operations suffer from issue management shortcomings, but our help desk allows you to offload all the “busy work”, freeing up your I.T. staff to be more strategically valuable to the business.
  • Fast: Best Technology has resolved about 32,000 individual help desk issues successfully in the last eight years.  You don’t get this many problems solved unless you work quickly.  Because, in the course of our work, we’ve already seen and resolved most issues before your users report them, we can get them turned around quick–how quick you ask?  Our average help desk problem report is resolved in just over one hour.
  • Adaptable: When we take on a help desk client, we really go to bat for them by working with their vendors and supporting their specific business systems as deeply as they want us to. And that’s not just the more generic things like Microsoft Office and Internet browsing, either. We can provide help desk for your in-house business software, too.

Contact us to find out how our help desk services can revolutionize your business.