Best Technology Founder Appointed to Team Lorain County Board

photoThis summer, Ted Wallingford, founder and CEO of Best Technology, accepted an appointment to the Team Lorain County Board of Directors.  Team Lorain County is a private non-profit organization whose chief mission is economic development through the retention and expansion of businesses located within the county, which lies twenty miles west of Cleveland, Ohio.

Best Technology has been headquartered in Lorain County since 2006. In his role as a board member, Wallingford will contribute to the continued economic progress of Lorain County businesses, which in turn drives the job outlook for residents of Cleveland-west region.  The nomination was submitted by North Ridgeville Mayor David Gillock.

“Best Technology was born and raised right here, so, by serving Team Lorain County, I can repay some of the benefits our company has reaped over the last ten years,” said Wallingford. “This really is a great place to do business.”

Best Technology has been headquartered in Lorain County’s Great Lakes Technology Park since 2008, when it established its central help desk and Service Center. “Lorain County really is in our DNA,” Wallingford adds. “I’m proud that we’ve been able to create and retain quality employment opportunities right here at home.”

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