Automation Isn’t Always the Answer, Warner Bros. Will Tell You

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It was recently reported that Warner Brothers film studio filed a request with Google to have its own material removed from the search index.  Warner claimed that the material–kept on its own web sites–was in violation of copyright law.  Of course, Google complied with the request and removed the material–links to films like The Matrix and The Dark Knight.

Naturally, this didn’t go unnoticed. The BBC reported the gaffe and charged an anti-piracy consulting company called Vobile with making a mistake by reporting the legitimate Warner content as pirated.

Turns out, this isn’t the first time it’s happened. In fact, the culprit in most of these mistaken identity cases is automation. Companies like Vobile use automated algorithms to spot smoking guns online–except, in these cases, their algorithms weren’t as keen as they would’ve been if aided by the judgment of a human review.  This lesson is something being learned in the self-driving car business, too.

Best Technology also uses automated systems to monitor and maintain our clients’ computer systems and networks–however we pride ourselves on a rigorous commitment to manual, human-conducted maintenance. The reason for that commitment is underscored in the Warner Brothers copyright story.

Computers and software can be used to speed up content analysis, and even to speed up decision-making. But ultimately, the holistic, organic, situational judgment of our team of people is what sets us apart from other managed I.T. services companies. Best Technology combines the process of escalation with team-based troubleshooting and good judgment guided by best practices.

Yes, we use automated tools in our own private cloud, but we also practice critical thinking and perform serious analysis on our clients’ behalf.  One such example of this is our Managed Security Controls program, which offers security auditing as a managed service. Could we offer this using only automation? Yes, but the real value is in the brainpower provided by our consulting team.