Sentinel Network Monitoring


Best Technology’s Sentinel service center is located in the Great Lakes Technology Park in Elyria, OH.

Best Technology’s Sentinel network monitoring platform provides a set of tools and services for businesses to keep a close eye on all their critical systems, from servers and switches to mobile devices and laptops.

The Sentinel tool set can be used by your I.T. department, our by our experienced network support team, to improve the level of service provided by your network and computing systems.  All networks monitored by Best Technology’s Sentinel platform benefit from:

  • Round-the-clock diagnostic data gathering
  • Alerting for downtime prevention and reduction of repair time
  • Improved security audit capabilities
  • Better support for equipment acquisition decisions
  • Web-based issue management tools and reporting
  • Mobile device management and tracking (MDM)
  • The ability to audit the uptime and performance of service providers like telecom companies and cloud providers

To learn more about how Sentinel can improve your business, or just improve your I.T. department, contact us.