Managed Technology for Your Business: We’re Your Total I.T. Partner

Time to improve your small/medium business I.T.?  More and more, businesses like yours are discovering that they need a full-service help desk, repair services, and I.T. management. But small/medium business owners aren’t willing to pay to staff all those positions, and often when they do, their I.T. departments can’t keep up with the industry.

Best Technology has a solution to these problems.  What if you could have a help desk, repair services, system monitoring, and strategic I.T. management for one predictable expense that’s lower than the cost of a single employee?

For most small/medium business prospects, we are able to support their entire network with 40 hours of help desk coverage, in-person consulting, and weekend/overnight emergency coverage for a small fraction of what it would cost them to do so by hiring staff.

By combining our consulting disciplines, our best practice methodology, our Sentinel network monitoring system, our help desk, and our cradle-to-grave issue management tools, we are able to efficiently manage and execute I.T. five times more effectively than SMBs who choose to do I.T. entirely in-house.