Best Technology’s I.T. team helps launch new factory in Rockford, Illinois

There were many decisions to make when a medium-sized screw machine manufacturing firm in Elyria, Ohio, who manufacturers steel parts for companies around the globe, decided to expand its operations. Where would a new plant be located? How many machines would it need to house? How many employees would it have, and on how many shifts?

What kind of networking capabilities would be required? How costly would it be to support computer systems at the new site? How fast would the network connections at the new site need to be?

Working with this firm’s manager of information technology, Best Technology developed a thin-client solution that allowed for deployment of ten workstations at the new site in a three-day period, including complete virtualization and backup. By leveraging a combination of solutions produced by Microsoft, Dell, and Wyse, Best Technology engineers Ted Wallingford, Buck Trnavsky, and Jeff Anderson were able to create a highly-manageable, high-speed virtual computing solution for the firm.

The advantages of the thin-client/virtualized approach are:

  • The manager of I.T. doesn’t need to worry about application with compatibility or a trojan taking down his terminal servers, because there are no terminal servers.
  • Immediate restore to default configuration is possible and easy on all workstations using VM snapshots.
  • Compatibility with accessory hardware like freight scales and punch clocks was enabled using Wyse thin client driver software.
  • The entire environment can be managed from Elyria, where the main office is located.
  • Because the virtual workstations run Windows 7 Professional, the end-user experience is the same as a more expensive (and less energy efficient) PC workstation.

Talk to Best Technology about your next expansion project–virtualization can save you time, money, and headaches.