Best Technology Founder Appointed to Team Lorain County Board

photoThis summer, Ted Wallingford, founder and CEO of Best Technology, accepted an appointment to the Team Lorain County Board of Directors.  Team Lorain County is a private non-profit organization whose chief mission is economic development through the retention and expansion of businesses located within the county, which lies twenty miles west of Cleveland, Ohio.

Best Technology has been headquartered in Lorain County since 2006. In his role as a board member, Wallingford will contribute to the continued economic progress of Lorain County businesses, which in turn drives the job outlook for residents of Cleveland-west region.  The nomination was submitted by North Ridgeville Mayor David Gillock.

“Best Technology was born and raised right here, so, by serving Team Lorain County, I can repay some of the benefits our company has reaped over the last ten years,” said Wallingford. “This really is a great place to do business.”

Best Technology has been headquartered in Lorain County’s Great Lakes Technology Park since 2008, when it established its central help desk and Service Center. “Lorain County really is in our DNA,” Wallingford adds. “I’m proud that we’ve been able to create and retain quality employment opportunities right here at home.”

For more information on Team Lorain County, visit


Windows 10: Pricing and Availability

Microsoft made quite a splash when they announced that Windows 10, due for public release on July 29, would be a FREE upgrade.  They made an even bigger ripple when they told us what “free” meant.

In a nutshell, anybody running Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8 on a PC (not  a tablet or phone) will be eligible to receive the upgrade for free.  So, all those Windows XP users are faced with investing in a new version of the operating system, priced at a conservative $200–or with the prospect of replacing their old XP computers altogether.

Also ineligible are users of the Enterprise version of Windows, as well as those running Windows in virtual machines. If you don’t know what that means–no worries, it probably means you’re eligible.

So how do you get Windows 10 for free?  Microsoft Update, a built-in feature of the newer Windows versions, will download and install the software on your PC.

That being said, a carefully planned upgrade is wiser than a deep-end dive. If you have more than two or three PCs in your business, give us a call, and let’s do it right.  We’re a Microsoft partner, and our team will help take the guesswork out of the upgrade process.

Patrick Burns joins Best Technology as Director of Services

Patrick Burns, Director of Services

Patrick Burns, Director of Services

At Best Technology, our mission is to support our clients’ success through excellent information technology support.  For that reason, we’ve appointed Patrick Burns as our Director of Services.  Patrick brings a solid background in broad-spectrum network and helpdesk support, having worked as a network support engineer in private and public sectors and for a large managed services company. Today, he is in charge of our service team.

Patrick’s primary concerns at Best Technology are maintaining and improving the quality and completeness of our service delivery, improving customer satisfaction, and mentoring our full staff of business technology consultants.

Patrick hails from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He moved to Cleveland this spring to accept the position and steer our services team in the right direction. He can be reached at 440-365-3300 ext. 104, or by e-mail at


An Effective Cloud Strategy is Key to Small Biz I.T.

Microsoft Office 365 Logo 1280px PNGThere’s a tremendous amount of buzz in the tech world about the Cloud, particularly when it comes to small business.  With buzz comes hype, and with hype, sometimes we as business owners can get tugged town the wrong strategic path. We may spend money on services we don’t need, or even damage our workforce’s productivity by hitching our companies to offerings we just don’t need.

To address these concerns, every small/medium business needs a Cloud strategy. It doesn’t have to be a thousand-page manual–but all small business CEOs need to know three things:

1 – What the Cloud actually is (answer here)

2 – What pieces of your I.T. infrastructure would actually improve if they moved to the Cloud?

3 – In the long term, what services offered in the Cloud can benefit the business?

Once you’ve identified a few pieces of your I.T. puzzle that could be improved by moving to the Cloud, you’re ready to make the next step.  Maybe it makes sense to move messaging to the Cloud (for example, replacing Exchange Server with Office 365).  Maybe it makes sense to move file sharing into the Cloud. The key to making strategically beneficial decisions about Cloud services is understanding what each service can do for your organization–and what existing assets each service may free you from.

For instance, if you move messaging to the Cloud, you’ll be largely free of spam and delivery blocking problems, but you’ll also be tying your horse to somebody else’s hitch: since you don’t own the server any more, you’ll be involved in a perpetual subscription, paying every month for access to your own email.

Another example would be file sharing. In the Cloud, file sharing is just the same as it is on your in-house file-server, except it may be slower. Depending on the Internet speeds between the sharing users and the Cloud service, the experience may be better–or worse–than sharing with an in-house file server.

Give us a call and we’ll help you build the right Cloud strategy for your business.

Best Technology Announces Partnership with Adobe Systems

Registered_Reseller_badge_1_line Best Technology has always been a vendor-neutral advocate for the needs of your small or medium business.  That means partnering with best-of-breed solution providers, from storage and backup to productivity software.

Our newest alliance was formed today with Adobe Systems Inc., the world-renowned manufacturer of document-processing and visual arts software. Its product lines include Acrobat and Photoshop, among others.  In order to facilitate our clients’ acquisition of Adobe products–particularly the Acrobat products–we’ve become an official registered reseller of Adobe Systems.

The benefits to you include premium access to support knowledge about Adobe products and better pricing as well. Find out more about the other equipment and software we bring to the market.

Best Technology and Dell: What this Partnership Means to Your Business

Unknown-2Dear Customer,

Some very turbulent changes have occurred in the PC industry in the last several weeks, including the announcements of IBM’s exodus from the server-making business, and HP’s revelation that it will be splitting into two separate companies. As active participants in the sales and support channels for servers, storage, and networking, the recent moves by HP and IBM are, at best, admissions of weakness in their respective manufacturing sectors.   Customers of HP and IBM have found the news disturbing.

This makes Best Technology’s partnership with Dell more significant than ever.  In the words of Dell’s Commercial CEO:

“History has proven that spinning off a PC Division from a broader IT solution provider has had material negative impact on the remaining lines of business. For example, over that past 30-years in the technology industry every vendor that has spun off or sold their PC Division has failed to keep a successful server business. Customers want this breadth of technology from a single vendor and Dell stands by its pledge to provide them with the full range of technology products and solutions.”

Best Technology’s Dell business today is performing very well and it is growing. Take a look at these facts:

• Dell, like Best Technology, is a private company.

• Dell gained share in PCs for the sixth consecutive quarter in calendar Q2, according to IDC.

• Dell maintained its No. 2 share position in the global x86 server market, and for the second straight quarter and generated year over year growth in both rack and blade servers.

• Dell was the No. 1 storage vendor in total terabytes sold (internal and external) for the first half of 2014, according to IDC.

• Best Technology’s leading equipment segment is Dell, accounting for over half of our company’s total equipment sales.

• We have been a Dell Partner for five years, and continue to see increasing demand, and increasing sales, for Dell products like servers, workstations, Sonicwall appliances, and Wyse devices.

Because of this one partnership, our customers are able to obtain the best products across a breadth of technology solutions, while benefiting from the expertise of a Dell-authorized channel resource like Best Technology.  So, despite all the changes in the industry, our customers can continue to count on us, and on Dell, for years to come.


Ted Wallingford, CEO
Best Technology

Meet Best Technology: The Consultants

Buck Trnavsky, Senior Technology Consultant with Best Technology

Buck Trnavsky, Senior Technology Consultant with Best Technology

Buck Trnavsky has been providing on-site repair and problem resolution for clients of Best Technology since 2010. It’s not a surprise how much our clients love him–because his commitment to quality is typical of our entire staff.

“My favorite thing about what I do is seeing out customers happy when their issues are resolved and their problems are out of their way,” Buck says. “Every fix is a different sort of challenge, but we try to get them all done the same way: quickly, correctly, and permanently.”

In his experience as a tenured Senior Business Technology Consultant at Best Technology, Buck has seen just about every kind of network computing problem one can imagine, and has fixed all of them, too. “The most challenging issues occur at our engineering clients. Civil engineers, manufacturing engineers–they all use CAD software and they have sophisticated standards,” Buck explains.  “It’s our job to make sure their software is working according to their complex preferences.”

“I really love our manufacturing clients, too,” Buck continues. “People in manufacturing are very common sense-oriented.  They take pride in what they do and are proud of the products they make.”

Best Technology is glad to be an enabling part of our clients’ success, whether that success is making products, designing them, or servicing them.

Meet Best Technology: About Our Helpdesk


Richard Fauth Jr., Business Technology Consultant with Best Technology

Business Technology Consultant Richard Fauth Jr. isn’t just a student of technology.  He’s a master of helping business people overcome their technology problems.  Armed with Best Technology’s managed help desk program and a suite of problem solving tools like issue tracking and remote access, Richard is a critical part of one of the most successful aspects of Best Technology: the Best Tech Help Desk.

“People who call the help desk can be workers or business owners,” Richard explains. “We get calls from everybody.”

The help desk is designed with quick problem resolution in mind, so that small businesses can avoid I.T. staffing, and so larger businesses can have a more effective help desk than would be possible in house.

“We help a lot of people with various email issues, also getting users accounts setup on desktops, laptops and mobile devices,” Richard says. “But we also deal with a lot of malware cleanup and deeper networking issues, too.”

Most help desk issues are resolved within 30 to 60 minutes, with the need for an in-person repair once every eight to ten calls. Depending on the nature and priority of the issue, Best Technology can dispatch a repair the same day or on a schedule that makes sense for the customer.

“When a person’s issue is fixed, they are very happy,” Richard says with a smile. “Sometimes they even send a thank you note.”


Ten Reasons to do Business with Best Technology


Stephanie Dabran, Vice President of Client Relations, Best Technology

As a prospective client of Best Technology, you’ve got a lot of choices.  There are companies that are bigger than Best and others that are smaller.  Some are near and some are far.   Some compete with us in all areas and some in few.

But none of our competitors can claim all 10 of the following advantages.  Here are my favorite reasons why our customers choose to do business with Best Technology:

1. All-local, all-domestic help desk - Best Technology operates a business technology help desk without ever using outsourced staff or off-shore operators.  Every single help desk team member works out of the Great Lakes Technology Park right here in Elyria, Ohio.

2. We don’t have the “geek attitude” - We know this business isn’t just about your technology.  It’s primarily about your people–and we treat everybody with respect and patience.  No condescending “greasy computer guys” on our team.

3. Our staff is certified across the board - All of our technical staff members hold at least one current industry-standardized technical certification.  Best Technology is able to offer our customers a broad spectrum of I.T. expertise through these certs, including CompTIA A+, Cisco CCNA, Digium DSSE, Checkpoint CCSA, and Microsoft Certified Professional, too.

4. We’ve won two Golden 30 Awards - The prestigious Golden 30 Award for World-Class Business Performance is given annually to the top 15 emerging companies in our region.  Companies must demonstrate growth, stability, and longevity in order to receive this award, and we’ve won it for the last two years in a row.

5. Our partnerships give you the edge - Because of Best Technology’s long-established agreements with Dell, Microsoft, Digium, Symantec, and others, we are able to give you fantastic pricing on software and equipment while providing a time-saving, hassle-eliminating advocate for your purchasing initiatives.

6. We’re more cost-effective than in-house I.T. for projects and help desk - Let’s face it, everybody needs help sometimes.  We provide that help so that future-minded businesses like yours don’t make costly, long-term hiring decisions to solve short-term problems.

7. We don’t pass the buck - Our philosophy of cradle-to-grave issue management means that we will do whatever it takes to get your technology problems resolved.  Our goal is to take work off your plate, own the outcomes, and save you time and energy.

8. Each Best Tech Staff Member resolves an average of 2,800 computer and network issues every year - Did I mention how efficient we are?  Our knowledge management tools and management framework allow us to resolve computer and network problems, on average, six times faster than internal I.T. can on its own.

9. We’re debt-free, locally-owned, and here to stay - Best Technology is solid.  Many of our clients have been with us since our first year in business, and since we don’t use debt and we’ve grown very carefully, our new clients can be assured we’ll around for a long time to come.

10. Our customers love us! - In 2006, when I started the company, I had 3 clients.  Today, we still have those three clients along with all the clients we gained during our second and third years in business.  Our customers are loyal to us because they understand we are committed to their success, not just our own.

“It runs fine. Why replace it?”

The old saying, “don’t fix what ain’t broke” is commonly applied to computer systems, with the expectation that a computer will run forever.  But this thinking isn’t very smart–you wouldn’t expect a car to run forever.

Today, a third of small business computers are more than five years old.  Older systems are obviously less reliable, just like older cars–but they’re also slower.   Older computers may not be able to run the latest software, either.  For these reasons, most businesses have adopted a “tech refresh” program, wherein they pick a time period, say two to three years, and replace all of their workstations and servers once during that time frame, on a repeating basis.

That much you’re probably familiar with.  What you might not know is the reasons why businesses choose NOT to keep their workstation fleets up-to-date.  So, why do businesses cling to their old machines?

1. New software means training users for new capabilities.  This incurs both a cost and a benefit.

2. Disposing of old computer equipment is ridden with expenses and regulations.  You can’t just throw old PCs and monitors out with the trash.

3. Some businesses don’t view computing power as a “cost of doing business”.   Instead, they view computer acquisition as a strategic, project-centric activity.  They get stuck replacing 12 computers at once, instead of one per month all year.

4. Purchases may be put off because of the constantly changing cost-to-value ratio. As computing power is always increasing in the latest PCs, the effective cost is lowered, causing some to wait on purchasing new equipment because, “tomorrow, it’ll be cheaper”.

While there’s a legitimate point in all four of these reasons, the truth is, each of these reasons is a restatement of something that is damaging to a business.  Whether its competitiveness (1), liability avoidance (2), predictability of budget (3), or productivity (4), Best Technology has a solution for you.

A great place to start is simply knowing how old all of your equipment is–and then monitoring its age and health over time.  The best way to accomplish this is by having a Best Technology monitoring agent running in your network.  You (or we, if you prefer) will be able to monitor the health and age of all of the systems running on your network. It’s the first step towards having an active and forward-looking technology refresh program.