Business Communications Systems

We wrote the book on telecommunications. Literally.

VoIP technology and unified business communication are revolutionizing the way professionals work together by shrinking the length and complexity of business processes, and by providing on-demand communication in a relevant, practical way. Our co-founder is the author of O’Reilly Media’s Switching to VoIP and a renowned VoIP technologist. With our network of strong, performance-driven telecomm partners, Best Technology offers its clients complete, competitive, customized telecom, solutions.

Voice systems, media delivery, and data management are now converging. Imagine having all your contact data when somebody calls appear on your screen before you even answer the phone. Imagine moving from your office PBX to your cell phone without interrupting the call in progress. Imagine greeting callers differently in your voicemail–depending on who they are, when they’re calling, and where they’re calling from?

Imagine full-quality voice and video conferencing with desktop sharing and unprecedented collaboration potential. Then, imagine your call center’s business process optimized and reinvigorated because of all of these factors.

Best Technology Strategy provides integrated VoIP systems and solutions based on industry standards:

  • Digium SwitchVox appliances and phones
  • Sipura media interfaces
  • Polycom and Digium IP phones
  • Cisco networking equipment
  • Microsoft Exchange unified messaging software

So what’s the next step for your firm? Give us a call and we’ll talk about your unified communications needs.