Best Technology Acquired by Go2IT Group of Westlake, Ohio



Ted Wallingford, founder of Best Technology and Jon Jones, VP of the Go2IT Group

For eleven years, the Best Technology team has executed a mission of delivering a high level of service, security, and continuity for your organization. This effort has yielded accomplishments that we are extremely proud of–including two Golden 30 Awards for outstanding business performance, a Weatherhead 100 Upstarts award, and the satisfaction of supporting the success of your business/agency.

That effort continues today with an announcement of some very exciting news: Best Technology recently merged with the Go2IT Group to bring you even broader, deeper technology support.

The Go2IT Group was formed in 1995, and is now headquartered in Westlake, where we operate a help desk and advanced network operations center. This facility houses our combined team, and serves as a dispatch point for all our clients.  To reach our help desk, you’ll call 440-471-8210 or your existing, familiar web portal. Our obligations to all clients will be honored now and into the future. As a Best Technology client, you’re unlikely to see any major changes aside from faster response times and quicker problem resolution.

This is because our team now has even more seasoned, top-flight network support professionals, making this acquisition a win-win for all involved. Ted Wallingford, co-founder and owner of Best Technology, remained on board in an advisory capacity to support Best Technology clients through the transition and remained a point of contact for any and all issues.

We are standing by to answer any questions you may have regarding this big step forward, so give either of us a call or email at your convenience.

Sincerely Yours,

Jon Jones
Vice President
The Go2IT Group
440-471-8602 (direct)

Ted Wallingford
The Go2IT Group