Best Technology and Dell: What this Partnership Means to Your Business

Unknown-2Dear Customer,

Some very turbulent changes have occurred in the PC industry in the last several weeks, including the announcements of IBM’s exodus from the server-making business, and HP’s revelation that it will be splitting into two separate companies. As active participants in the sales and support channels for servers, storage, and networking, the recent moves by HP and IBM are, at best, admissions of weakness in their respective manufacturing sectors.   Customers of HP and IBM have found the news disturbing.

This makes Best Technology’s partnership with Dell more significant than ever.  In the words of Dell’s Commercial CEO:

“History has proven that spinning off a PC Division from a broader IT solution provider has had material negative impact on the remaining lines of business. For example, over that past 30-years in the technology industry every vendor that has spun off or sold their PC Division has failed to keep a successful server business. Customers want this breadth of technology from a single vendor and Dell stands by its pledge to provide them with the full range of technology products and solutions.”

Best Technology’s Dell business today is performing very well and it is growing. Take a look at these facts:

• Dell, like Best Technology, is a private company.

• Dell gained share in PCs for the sixth consecutive quarter in calendar Q2, according to IDC.

• Dell maintained its No. 2 share position in the global x86 server market, and for the second straight quarter and generated year over year growth in both rack and blade servers.

• Dell was the No. 1 storage vendor in total terabytes sold (internal and external) for the first half of 2014, according to IDC.

• Best Technology’s leading equipment segment is Dell, accounting for over half of our company’s total equipment sales.

• We have been a Dell Partner for five years, and continue to see increasing demand, and increasing sales, for Dell products like servers, workstations, Sonicwall appliances, and Wyse devices.

Because of this one partnership, our customers are able to obtain the best products across a breadth of technology solutions, while benefiting from the expertise of a Dell-authorized channel resource like Best Technology.  So, despite all the changes in the industry, our customers can continue to count on us, and on Dell, for years to come.


Ted Wallingford, CEO
Best Technology