Meet Best Technology: The Consultants

Buck Trnavsky, Senior Technology Consultant with Best Technology

Buck Trnavsky, Senior Technology Consultant with Best Technology

Buck Trnavsky has been providing on-site repair and problem resolution for clients of Best Technology since 2010. It’s not a surprise how much our clients love him–because his commitment to quality is typical of our entire staff.

“My favorite thing about what I do is seeing out customers happy when their issues are resolved and their problems are out of their way,” Buck says. “Every fix is a different sort of challenge, but we try to get them all done the same way: quickly, correctly, and permanently.”

In his experience as a tenured Senior Business Technology Consultant at Best Technology, Buck has seen just about every kind of network computing problem one can imagine, and has fixed all of them, too. “The most challenging issues occur at our engineering clients. Civil engineers, manufacturing engineers–they all use CAD software and they have sophisticated standards,” Buck explains.  “It’s our job to make sure their software is working according to their complex preferences.”

“I really love our manufacturing clients, too,” Buck continues. “People in manufacturing are very common sense-oriented.  They take pride in what they do and are proud of the products they make.”

Best Technology is glad to be an enabling part of our clients’ success, whether that success is making products, designing them, or servicing them.