Meet Best Technology: About Our Helpdesk


Richard Fauth Jr., Business Technology Consultant with Best Technology

Business Technology Consultant Richard Fauth Jr. isn’t just a student of technology.  He’s a master of helping business people overcome their technology problems.  Armed with Best Technology’s managed help desk program and a suite of problem solving tools like issue tracking and remote access, Richard is a critical part of one of the most successful aspects of Best Technology: the Best Tech Help Desk.

“People who call the help desk can be workers or business owners,” Richard explains. “We get calls from everybody.”

The help desk is designed with quick problem resolution in mind, so that small businesses can avoid I.T. staffing, and so larger businesses can have a more effective help desk than would be possible in house.

“We help a lot of people with various email issues, also getting users accounts setup on desktops, laptops and mobile devices,” Richard says. “But we also deal with a lot of malware cleanup and deeper networking issues, too.”

Most help desk issues are resolved within 30 to 60 minutes, with the need for an in-person repair once every eight to ten calls. Depending on the nature and priority of the issue, Best Technology can dispatch a repair the same day or on a schedule that makes sense for the customer.

“When a person’s issue is fixed, they are very happy,” Richard says with a smile. “Sometimes they even send a thank you note.”