Ten Reasons to do Business with Best Technology


Stephanie Dabran, Vice President of Client Relations, Best Technology

As a prospective client of Best Technology, you’ve got a lot of choices.  There are companies that are bigger than Best and others that are smaller.  Some are near and some are far.   Some compete with us in all areas and some in few.

But none of our competitors can claim all 10 of the following advantages.  Here are my favorite reasons why our customers choose to do business with Best Technology:

1. All-local, all-domestic help desk - Best Technology operates a business technology help desk without ever using outsourced staff or off-shore operators.  Every single help desk team member works out of the Great Lakes Technology Park right here in Elyria, Ohio.

2. We don’t have the “geek attitude” - We know this business isn’t just about your technology.  It’s primarily about your people–and we treat everybody with respect and patience.  No condescending “greasy computer guys” on our team.

3. Our staff is certified across the board - All of our technical staff members hold at least one current industry-standardized technical certification.  Best Technology is able to offer our customers a broad spectrum of I.T. expertise through these certs, including CompTIA A+, Cisco CCNA, Digium DSSE, Checkpoint CCSA, and Microsoft Certified Professional, too.

4. We’ve won two Golden 30 Awards - The prestigious Golden 30 Award for World-Class Business Performance is given annually to the top 15 emerging companies in our region.  Companies must demonstrate growth, stability, and longevity in order to receive this award, and we’ve won it for the last two years in a row.

5. Our partnerships give you the edge - Because of Best Technology’s long-established agreements with Dell, Microsoft, Digium, Symantec, and others, we are able to give you fantastic pricing on software and equipment while providing a time-saving, hassle-eliminating advocate for your purchasing initiatives.

6. We’re more cost-effective than in-house I.T. for projects and help desk - Let’s face it, everybody needs help sometimes.  We provide that help so that future-minded businesses like yours don’t make costly, long-term hiring decisions to solve short-term problems.

7. We don’t pass the buck - Our philosophy of cradle-to-grave issue management means that we will do whatever it takes to get your technology problems resolved.  Our goal is to take work off your plate, own the outcomes, and save you time and energy.

8. Each Best Tech Staff Member resolves an average of 2,800 computer and network issues every year - Did I mention how efficient we are?  Our knowledge management tools and management framework allow us to resolve computer and network problems, on average, six times faster than internal I.T. can on its own.

9. We’re debt-free, locally-owned, and here to stay - Best Technology is solid.  Many of our clients have been with us since our first year in business, and since we don’t use debt and we’ve grown very carefully, our new clients can be assured we’ll around for a long time to come.

10. Our customers love us! - In 2006, when I started the company, I had 3 clients.  Today, we still have those three clients along with all the clients we gained during our second and third years in business.  Our customers are loyal to us because they understand we are committed to their success, not just our own.