MPW Construction stays ahead of the competition with Best Technology


MPW Construction Services was founded in 1976, starting life as a basement pouring contractor, then known as Modern Poured Walls Inc.

During the eighties and in the periods that followed, MPW added excavating services, concrete flatwork, waterproofing, and commercial construction. In 2005, the firm grew to 220 employees and became a premier provider of several turnkey construction solutions.

Some time back in 2000, MPW was at a crossroads. Growth had propelled the company into the information age, and its need to utilize more advanced automation systems—like scheduling applications—became clear. To remain competitive, like many at the time, MPW gave the duties of providing I.T. support to an employee who had experience with CAD drawings.

This approach seemed sufficient until 2006, when the housing economy took a nose dive. As MPW’s founder and leader, Scott Smith says, “The economy hit hard and we had to make some serious cuts. But we still needed to maintain our I.T. support in a cost-efficient way, which is where Best Technology came in.”

Best Technology began consulting with MPW in late 2009, first by transitioning the current systems and policies of the company. This initial transition process consisted of analyzing MPW’s I.T. practices in order to determine how much work would be required to optimize utilization of best practices. This first step is typical with new clients of Best Technology. Going from “the way we’ve always done I.T.” to “the way the industry says is best” is a critical step in the long-term success of each client’s I.T. asset base.

In MPW’s case, the first several months of the relationship involved a lot of discovery and documentation—tasks that would be critical to the relationships months and years later. “In my role as CEO,” Smith says, “I need people who think strategically and that can be proactive in finding and resolving I.T. issues.” Best Technology’s first responsibility is to fill that role—to provide a virtual I.T. Manager without incurring an expense that’s anywhere close to an I.T. Manager’s salary.

Once a client relationship is established and best practices are in place, Best Technology utilizes a combination of automated monitoring, maintenance, helpdesk support, and in-person consulting. “Best Technology tries harder than anyone I know in the field. Their dependability through stressful situations has been appreciated, and they have even been available to us after hours and on weekends,” Smith explains.

The improvements brought by the relationship with Best Technology have positively affected both the expenses and efficiencies of MPW’s I.T. operation. Smith says he has seen an improvement in overall downtime, while his direct costs have decreased. But the real gain for MPW has been the avoidance of opportunity costs because MPW’s critical systems have become more reliable and less prone to unanticipated problems.

“Before,” Smith continues, “we were not getting what we wanted from our I.T.” But today, without an increase in direct expenses, Smith says, “we are getting what we want and need.”

Specifically, Best Technology is enforcing a regular maintenance schedule to prevent downtime, running 24×7 monitoring of MPW’s systems to decrease issue-resolution time, and providing MPW access to a consulting staff much deeper than just one person.

“The best thing about this arrangement,” says Ted Wallingford, CEO of Best Technology, “is that customers the size of MPW now have access to a deep I.T. staff with experts in every category: software, servers, networking, telecommunications, repair service, quality control, equipment acquisition, disposal, and strategy. Now they have all that, along with a full-service helpdesk like the kind you see in much larger firms.”

Best Technology’s hope is that, because of our customer partnership with MPW Construction Services, they are prepared for growth through best practices. Whether those practices apply to security, compliance, business continuity, or expense prevention, Best Technology is there to lead the way. “Best always figures out the problem,” Smith concludes.